Connecting the Dots .__.

We are just restricted within the understanding of our own dimensions.

It’s not possible for a 3-dimensional creature to imagine what a 2D creature sees and what a 4D creature would see. How to prove it?

Well, for eg. *still thinking..*

Time travel is possible. We are actually doing it now, this very moment. How?

Let me first ask you, how do you remember the last time you remember pizzaz?

Or when was it when you first say a plane? It’s really hard to remember right!

But if I ask you how was the food or chocolate that you just ate?, you would easily be able to express your exact opinion because the perception of the experience in that very moment is still in on your mind/subconsciousness in the form of time (or memory).

Would you believe if I told you that you could change your upcoming reality a.k.a the future and also the past (or the memory)? I can’t say for sure what your reaction would be but *to be continued..*