Season of KDE 2016

Hi! After my first GSoC I thought, let’s contribute to more open source projects … 😉

It was around an year ago I heard of a programme called Season of KDE. It was that time I decided that I should go about it the next time and here we are. 😀

I started learning QML on QtQuick a month prior to SoK application period. By the time the application period started I had completed the port of Bargame GTK+ activity.

Bargame Activity
Here is how it looks in QtQuick ->


This one is in one player mode againt the AI. I also wrote another 2 player mode activity for the same. Below are the PRs for both the activities-


These PRs are currently under review and I am planning on fixing these suggestions after completing the railroad activity.

RailRoad activity

I have started working on this activity. First target is to setup the lower display section for rail carriages which somewhat looks like this –


With the help from Johnny and Emmanuel, I figured out a way to use Flow+Repeater+ListModel to setup the display section. Here is how it works –


The next step is to program the setup of memorizable wagon display. With every level initiation, the activity should display a wagon setup for the kids to memorize. For the, railroad selects the wagons/engine in a random fashion from among the given sample space. It also makes sure that the rightmost one needs to be an engine, not a wagon.

This is how it looks like –


Upon further discussion and reviews from Johnny and Timothee  we decided to add drag/drop functionality to Railroad to make it more user friendly.

To make it more fun, I added a countdown timer to challenge the player to memorize the sequence before it runs out of the scene. For viewing large number of carriages in higher level, I also proviced a swipe area to view the locomotivies. Here is how it looks –

Place your satellite-

As planned, I have started fixing the existing bugs in the ‘Place your Satellite’ activity started by Mr. JButet which was left unmerged. This activity needs a lot of UI cleanup as suggested by Johnny in one of his mail.

As of now I have removed the blinking texts and improved the scrollability of the side panels and aspect ratios of the objects. Here is how it currently looks –